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Halloween Rain

The Harvest


Here Be Monsters

How I Survived My Summer Vacation Vol 1

 I Robot, You Jane


Inca Mummy Girl

The Journals of Rupert Giles, Vol. 1

Keep Me In Mind

Little Things

The Lost Slayer

 Lost Slayer Prophecies: Book 1

Lost Slayer: The Dark Times Book 2

The Lost Slayer: King of the Dead Book 3

The Lost Slayer: Original Sins Book 4

Monster Island

Mortal Fear

Night of the Living Rerun

Night Terrors

Obsidian Fate

One Thing or Your Mother

Oz: Into the Wild


Portal Through Time

Power of Persuasion

Prime Evil

Queen of the Slayers

Resurrecting Ravana

Return to Chaos


Seven Crows


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