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Sins of the Father  

Spark and Burn

Spike and Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row

The Suicide King

Sweet Sixteen

Tales of the Slayer, Volume 1

Tales of the Slayer, Volume 2

Tales of the Slayer, Volume 3

Tales of the Slayer, Volume 4

Tempted Champions

These Our Actors

Unnatural Selection

 The Unseen Trilogy: The Burning Book 1

The Unseen Trilogy: Door to Alternity Book 2

The Unseen Trilogy: Long Way Home Book 3


Wicked Willow I: The Darkening

Wicked Willow II: Shattered Twilight

Wicked Willow III: Broken Sunrise

The Willow Files, Volume 1

The Willow Files, Vol. 2

The Wisdom of War

The Xander Years Volume 1

 The Xander Years
 Volume 2


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